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That’s the day I realized that there was this entire life behind things, and this incredibly benevolent force that wanted me
to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever.
Video’s a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember… I need to remember…
Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is just going to cave in.
~ American Beauty

We have a singular focus which is to capture the beauty of the moment.
For us it’s all about three key elements – love, family and connection.
Weddings are unique due to all of the love and full range of emotions they elicit.
We would love to be there for you.



Lead Photographer, Founder

I came into the wedding photography industry from the field of fashion photography. I am now walking that fine line between art and documentaries in my work. I’m interested in telling people’s stories. I am a firm believer in the idea that memories are colored with emotions. It’s not just about that million-dollar view, it’s about the heart’s vibration that was felt there.



I am a filmmaker and actor which allows me to see different perspectives. I have an understanding of what it means to be on stage with an exceptional angle or to be offstage. Regardless, which perspective I am working from I know how to capture the attention of an audience and get them invested. No matter the venue it is my responsibility to take your special day and make your dreams a beautiful reality. You are the main character in the story that you are creating.

Christina Marie

Love Loud Events

My business is to seamlessly execute the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of. It is my duty to make the year, months and days leading up to your celebration a breeze. With my wonderful vendor relationships, styling expertise and planning experience, I feel confident that whatever it is your dreaming of for your big day, we together, will make it the best. day. ever. You are the driver and I am here to help you steer you in the right direction.I am so looking forward to working alongside creative couples to bring enthusiasm, fun and levity to your event!





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