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Annie any Albert

Annie any Albert

Me and my husband are extremely happy with our digital memories!

I had a chance to work with LiliumRoad agency almost a year ago. I have always been very picky when it comes to photographers I have to work with, but when I saw Lila’s (she’s the lead photographer of the agency) portfolio – it owned my heart right away. She has that incredible ability of capturing not only beauty of the moment, but also beauty of emotion. As any girl I got really vulnerable and a little bit nervous during my wedding day, and I was very grateful to have Lila as a part of our wedding crew – she wasn’t only a great and professional photographer – the attention and support she was giving me was priceless. You need to have outstanding talent to be able to capture Love not only the way it looks, but also the way it feels. Me and my husband are extremely happy with our digital memories and would never wish for better ones.



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